engagements|samik + forum|chicago, illinois

11 Responses to engagements | samik + forum | chicago, illinois

  1. Paul Nguyen says:

    Great photos! Great use of colours tones and location!

  2. WOW! these are absolutely fabulous. from your use of light to the fabulous locations, this is a great session!

  3. tobiah says:

    Wow Such a brilliant use of the architecture! Great great photos! Love the silhouette shot with the water behind!

  4. Amber Hughes says:

    Love all the great locations!

  5. Dean Govier says:

    That single last frame is brilliant.

  6. James says:

    The couples are like models, really nice frames too!

  7. Tyler says:

    that red wall is so rad. killed it.

  8. Heather K says:

    Oh my goodness!!! That stair shot is just SO EPIC!!! I really love the third one as well, wonderful use of the surroundings. Awesome work!

  9. Chelsey says:

    Those shots in front of the red and white wall! SO good!

  10. Dylan says:

    don’t know where to start.. the kissing silhouette.. the use of line.. amazing foreground/background.. reflections.. amazing all around.

  11. Johanna says:

    What a gorgeous couple. Great variety of locations! :)

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