about me

my first preference is to get to know one another over a drink or cup of coffee, so i will try to keep this short and sweet.  to put it simply though… i really enjoy what i do.  photographing you during your happiest moments is something that never gets old and i’m thankful every time i shoot that this is what i get to do for a living.

i encourage you to thoroughly go through my work.  i chose a ‘blog’ style website because it allows me to share a large number of photographs and tell a story in the process.  it would have been easy to cherry-pick some photos and create a site showing highlights from my years in this business, but i want to show how i do quality work throughout the day, not just during an epic sunset.  some of my favorites are accessible in the menu bar, but there are many more on the site if you go back through older posts.  hopefully you will find something you really like or speaks to you.

i live and work in the city of detroit.  there is no place i would rather be.  with that said though i love to travel and i love shooting while doing so.  i’ve done weddings all over michigan, the country, and the world… i would love to photograph your day be it in downtown detroit, petoskey, chicago or jamaica.

shoot me a message.  we will have a fun time and create some great photos in the process.